PANORAMA Window Manufacturing and Supplying Ltd.
The Manufactory in Szeged
Szeged, Budapesti út 8.

Dear Sir and Madam,

Our company is the PANORAMA Window Manufacturing and Supplying Ltd. With a Manufactory in Szeged.
Our owner is the BORSODCHEM Corp. one of the giants of the national chemical industry which first started manufacturing plastic profile and opening devices in Hungary in 1982.
Our depot and showing hall can be found in Szeged in Budapesti road 8. at our manufactory, where we approximately produce 15 000m2 plastic opening devices complying with all the requirements of today in every aspects.

To form a new home self-reliantly or to make the old ones updated is always a great role in our lives.
The decisions we make can determine our lifestyle for long years. In our world today the improved opportunities and offers often cause the client to face difficult situations in finding the way among them.
To ease this method we try to provide some additional information throughout our company guide to promote making the right decision.

Making orders for individual types and sizes provide a great opportunity to accomplish our clients' demands together with the architects' realization.

Beyond manufacturing the goods we can provide an overall service from making surveys, giving advisement and projecting to home delivery and installation on demand.

Our manufactory in Szeged, belongs to the PANORAMA range, produces the three-air cell type PANORAMA 2000 Plus opening devices. The products we manufacture has the 134/2000 Technical Certificate released by ÉMI (Non-Profit Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building).
All the raw materials applied for the production (profile, heat-insulating glass, lock, etc) are manufactured in high quality in accordance with ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Model.

The main features of PANORAMA 2000 Plus opening devices
- advanced, was manufactured with Elzett Roto Centro armature
- it is supplied with a treble rubber seal to provide excellent air lock and water seal.
- For doors, entrance door panels purchased from the domestic market or are imported from other countries are applied.
- Color is selected on demand
- Malfunction preventer is applied

The PANORAMA 2000 Plus opening devices had been classified in accordance with the European Din standards. Therefore our windows were rated as the highest ''C'' quality class by the Institut für Fenstertechnik (Window Examining Institution) in Rosenheim, Germany.

Our products can be used for constructing and renovating industrial buildings, dwellings and schools.

We guarantee easy maintenance, long life, high operating comfort and operation safety.

For our prospective clients who are interested in more particular and high-standard products we recommend an opening device made of a profile-system PANORAMA 3000, which profile won a Grand Award on the International Fair of Szeged.

We can a provide further information on opening devices made of the PANORAMA 3000 profile system in our manufactory where its ordering can be taken place as well. These opening devices are being manufactured in the Kazincbarcika unit and are delivered to Szeged.

The quality of our products warranted as we grant a seven year guarantee for them.

We hope that we could arouse your interest towards our products and our company.

With the right decision you can open your window to the future!

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