HÁZ ÉP Magyarország Ltd.

Our young, dynamically developing company tries to cope with more fields of the building industry. Firstly, we deal with the design and the execution of light structure houses, secondly we are seasonaly engaged with air conditioning techniques, mostly with the demand of the inhabitants.

We have to accommodate to the expectations in our speeding world. The advantage of these houses is its being finished/built quickly. After the precise designs of the buildings-engineering, electricity etc.- the elements of the walls are preproduced, which are delivered to locale after laying the foundation of the house, and we fit together the parts there. The structure of the house is ordered from different producers depending on the demand of the orderers. There can be different demands, different forms. We organise how to finish the work with the help of local experts, specialists.
We build our houses with HÁZÉP technology, sometimes according to special contour line system. About the structure of the walls it must be known that we put more stiffing and insulating layers to the high quality wood framework. The structure of the roof is corresponding to that of other family houses, since we use roof tile cover on the roof as well.
The guarantee time is 30 years just like in the case of the brick houses. I usually say that you should look at an old family house whose roof structure is made from wood, moreover it had not been protected with insecticide and rodent exterminate materals.

About the air conditioning system:
We sell the brands of Lg, Midea and Elektrolux on the field of air conditioners. Besides, we put into operation our machines in almost 48 hours on a very reasonable price.

Owing to their small size, the sidewall split type air conditioners can be repaired very easily and their delivered refrigerant capacity is considerable. They operate on a very low level of noise and ensure a pleasant attitude. It can be cooled down in a very little period of time with the help of the accelerated cooling function called Jet Cool. The plasma air cleaning system ensures the clean air.

DUAL PLASMA air cleaning system
The Plasma air cleaning system developed by the LG removes not only the microscopical contaminant and dust, but also the home mites, pollen and the animal fibres, so it protects from the allergic illnesses like astma. The fresh air can be enjoyed with a filter which is reusable after a (wet) washing. You do not have to worry about the change of filters which is due in every 2 year and you can save money as well.

Our office can be found at 20. Berlin Krt. in Szeged, where we are waiting for all the inquiries with the greatest pleasure. We do all our work in Szeged and its direct region .

6721 Szeged, Berlini krt. 20.
Tel.: 06-62/550-770; Fax: 06-62/550-771
E-mail: hazepkft@vnet.hu

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