ALU-PROFIL Ltd. - Szeged, Vadas Márton u.69.

Our main activities:
manufacturing and installing plastic and aluminum opening devices.

Our manufactured systems relevant to the entire RAL color range.
- Outdoor and indoor structures
- Sliding doors and windows
- Glass walls (inner, outer)
- Folding systems.
- Screen systems.
- Shutter, Venetian blind, blinds.

Systems applied in our production programme:
Aluminum and
ROPLASTO type 7001.: 5-air-vessels, type 6001.:
the whole range of plastic 3-air-vessels

                               … in the synchronization of shapes and colours

We kindly show you our wide colour range. On demand we give advice in choosing the colour.

Our doors and windows gives you unlimited opportunities to make your houses and homes unique. Even if we talk about white or colourful, and perhaps foiled opening devices just looking naturally wood-patterned our doors and windows can withstand the harmful effects of the environment (UV-radiation, frost, rain, etc.) and they do not even require maintenance.

                                … with sash-bars and with the elements of stylistic architecture

No more paintings!


Our sash-bar selection provides a wide range of opportunities: at glass-cells cemented on or at totally divided cross-sectional glass-cells, perhaps at sash-bars placed in the air-gaps of insulated glass- in different colours (white, brown, gold, silver etc.).

                                … on the ground of the optimum heat insulation


Lock out the unpleasant cold of the winter. The modern, top-quality windows and doors greatly increase the good climate and sensation of convenience at your home.

                                … in the excellent noise protection

Owing to the motorization the noise load is increasing year by year therefore the expedient noise protection is even more important.


According to the observations noise significantly damages human health. Leave everyday stress and noise outside when at your home arrival you shut the door behind you. We carry out the necessary noise protection for you.

                                … efficient in the cutting of heating costs



In case of modernizing your old house you can fully rely on us. Our modern plastic window system together with a multiple range of profile, colour, sash-bar and glass selection provides you with new opportunities to the modernization. Our opening devices substantially help the conservation and increases the value of your house.
Give your old home modern products.


You are welcome at our manufactory, where our production technology in correspondence with the highest requirements, the applied materials and the fully manufactured goods can be viewed.
We are ready to give you explanation and information at any time.

For our company it is natural to supply the goods on schedule.

For plastic opening devices and screening technology the person in charge is:
Mr. Istvan Undi manager
Cell: 06-30/ 229-8753

For aluminium opening devices the person in charge is:
Mr. György Gardel manager
Cell: 06-30/ 9532-413

Our central telephone and fax number is: 06-62 / 547-490

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